UniDB TEM is our SaaS application. It enables you to monitor, optimize and control telecom costss and usages. We are collecting and processing raw data. You will have online syntheses and relevant indicators that you can easily manage.

Our Telecom Expense Management application


  • UniDB TEM application is SaaS based. You just need a Web browser : no installation, no on-site maintenance
  • We can process all data coming from telecom operators, for voice, mobility, data…
  • Reports can be customized based on your organization. User rights will be granted accordingly
  • Billing control is automated to diagnose errors in the early stages of deployment
  • Your contractual conditions are implemented in the tool : every possible feature/service is simulated by the optimization plugin , to determine which are adequate to the actual usages of each individual user
  • You can follow-up the implementation of the contracts : contractual savings are calculated automatically
  • Push alerts give managers details of the costs of each user/service, and empower users to leverage best practices
  • Inventory management includes users, sites, lines, equipment and checks consistency of inventory VS billing

Our Business Intelligence technologies

  • The AutoProfiler® plugin is modelling user behaviours based on their actual usage
  • The ContractModeller® module is modelling all features and services in your custom contract
  • The OLAP-Designer module allows you to define specific reports. It is 100% customizable, reports can be reused and made available to all managers