Cost reduction

Unitic proposes « quick win » actions, in order to reduce costs without altering Levels of Service and without the hassle of migrating to a new provider.

This is available in most european countries (UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Roumania, Russia…), in Afraica, in Asia and in the US.
We can help drive down your telecom costs by 10%-20% with your current service providers.

Billing control

  • We can perform a thorough verification of your bills using our UniDB TEM software
  • We are accustomed to check complex contractual conditions that might affect you bill
  • We will match check your rates versus local and international regulation
  • We will help you during the refund process with your providers


  • Automatic calculation of best plans and features for each of you users
  • Audit of Roaming usages and design of custom solutions : call-back, Wi-fi,  local and international SIM

Benchmarking and best practices

  • Internal benchmark in your organization
  • Comparison to similar organizations
  • Recommendation of best-in-class practices

Our methods and tools

  • UniDB : consolidation, optimization and analysis of telecom data, multi-vendor
  • UniDB TEM : our Web portal where your data are made available